A view into the blue

VENTO 500 became part of the View into the blue!

Promotion of the Croatian diving and diving in Croatia , the project was initiated by famous Croatian photographer Marjan Radovic , in cooperation with the diving club HRVI NEMO – ADRIATIC. Going through the twenty cities in Croatia and abroad project VIEW INTO THE BLUE will try to bring the diving closer to all people.

In addition , this project seeks to present Croatia as a diving destination to other EU Members . Finally VIEW INTO THE BLUE seeks to raise the awareness of ecology to the visitors by providing information of protecting the underwater life, water , rivers and lakes.


We are proud that Vento 500 became the part of this project . Ecological production ( no harmful fumes ) and low fuel consumption and hence lower emissions of harmful substances into the sea and air ( Vento 500 consumes about three times less fuel compared to the average) make the Vento 500 genuine representative of a new generation of vessels that will carry all those which is carefully related to the sea and inland waters.

Her superior navigable features and performance make it an ideal platform to bring the divers and researchers in a comfortable way to explore the most remote islands and indented coast.