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vento500Innovative and elegant boat came with a very specific purpose: to provide performance, comfort on board and seaworthiness of much bigger boats and all this with lo costs, both of acquisition as well as operational and management costs. The deep-V hull with delta pad and single Air step is designed to need a very small outboard power, plane at very low speed (less than 7 knots) and then get very lo consumption (3 miles per liter), with a more relaxed attitude even with heavy engines like today’s 4-strokes.

The study on the provision of the weights and the correct positioning of the center of gravity combined with the simulation of dynamic structure goes far beyond what you typically find on the boats of this measure, now relegated to the status of “entry level”.

The robust construction, obtained by multiaxial glass and carbon fiber, is higher than required by the strict CE regulations and yet the weight of the boat is contained. There is everything you need, bow sundeck over a 1, 8 m long, convertible with sundeck extension table, sitting in front of the console, the central driver seat for 2 people with lumbar cushion convertible as a leaning post, side passage leading to the cockpit area with 2 opposite longitudinal benches that leave the central area free and usable, where you can put the table for 6 people that can be lowered forming in this way the big sun bad. Completing the layout are the two comfortable swim platforms with recessed swimming ladder.

The polyethylene fuel tank is situated in the hull bellow the deck in correspondence of the boat’s center of gravity. There are three additional watertight deck lockers for stowage of different equipment or spare fuel tanks or the shower tank.

Vento 500 can use 2-stroke and 4-stroke outboards from 25 to 90 hp with the speeds of over 40 knots.

Vento 500 is unsinkable, has static self-bailing and dry stowage.

All those characteristics make Vento 500 unique in the world as there is no RIB model in this category that unify this level of technology, design and technical characteristics, performance and multi-functionality.


Length [m] – 5,05
Width [m] – 2.05
Weight [kg] – approx. 200
Draft [m] – 0.29

Performances with Yamaha 40/60 outboard – 4 stroke:

Minimal planning speed – 7 knots @2200 rpm
Cruising speed – 18-24 kts @3600-4300 rpm
Autonomy at cruising speed with 60 L fuel tank: 170 miles
Maximum speed: 33 kts @ 5700 rpm*
CE category: C

* with propeller Blacksteel/14 inches blades



The basic version without a console, driver’s seat and the stern benches. Suitable for driving with outboards with tiller controls. This option provides great functionality combined with competitive pricing. A lot of free space, large payload with good sea keeping and low fuel consumption and operating costs make the ” Starter ” suitable for work , sports and recreational role.


The variant with the console and the driver’s seat without a stern bench. Uncompromising wave fighter. Professional users and sportsmen (divers, sports and spear fishermen, skiers , sailors, … ) will find that Swell is the right choice for them . A simple layout leaves a lot of space for various accessories, sports equipment or fishing gear and to move freely around the cockpit.

The variant with the console, the driver’s seat, and two longitudinal aft bench. As the name suggests this variant cleverly combines business with pleasure. Nine storage spaces are more than enough for all the things you carry with you to be out of sight leaving free space to move around the boat. Longitudinal aft bench climb halfway to the tube body leaving wide free passage to the stern without compromising comfort. Optional table further extends the capabilities of these variants – lifted to socialize around the table for several persons and lowered at a level of the seats and equipped with a cushion makes a large sunbathing area aft. “Smart” version will equally love the families, recreational boater, athletes and even professionals.


Smart variant with the extended stern benches. “Sport” further extends the capabilities of the ” Smart” variant – extended aft bench seat provides storage for longer items such as fishing rods , spear guns or skis. Recreation enthusiasts will adore even more sunbathing area that gets insert between the bench and matching cushions. This variant is a good basis for nautical camping.


Luxury variant. Elegant roll-bar and the console, teak decking, bow step platform, backrests on the benches and a lot of details that make a difference make this small RIB an elite representative that will meet the highest standards . In this ” Superb” retains all the functional features and performance of epithets that adorn other variants of Vento 500.